Our Success And Company History.

About Us

Our company thrives on a simple principle, by providing 100% real food ingredients that are the purest and highest quality;

100% natural herbs and spices; certified organic herbs and spices, as well as natural and organic culinary and botanical
ingredients. Our services include custom blending and flavor formulation to meet your product needs. Serving industrial, food service and retail clients, from family owned business, we are able to offer a superior product and outstanding service by controlling every step in the supply line. This includes our elite network of growers who span the globe and are selected for their
commitment to quality and consistency. We are delighted to serve your needs for quality ingredients with the finest natural and organic herbs, spices, vegetables and flavors on Earth.

we create a healthy business, healthy farming communities, and a healthy environment.Our products are full of natural flavor and taste better than conventionally grown products

Our in house chef and product development team have created delicious and unique flavor profiles with real organic flavor from nature,no fillers or artificial colors or synthetic ingredients.

Organic products are grown, harvested and processed without pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial preservatives or other harmful chemicals. Our products are grown in harmony with nature and the topsoil, waterways and ecosystems are preserved and protected.

Our products are not irradiated, Food Safety is Our Highest Priority All products are tracked through a chain of traceability from farm to shelf insuring quality and food safety through strict operating procedures. In addition to independent, off-site testing, our in house labs and quality assurance teams test and monitor all products batch by batch.

We are able to offer you a superior product by controlling every step in the supply line, from growing to processing. To ensure that quality always comes first, we guide our suppliers to produce bulk natural and organic herbs and spices to our exacting specifications.

Company Profile

The company possesses advanced infrastructure and warehousing facility to store all the products in a safe environment. All activities are done in an organized manner starting from market investigation for the perfect product to individual packing and the documentation as per requirements and shipment.

Our top management has immense knowledge about the agriculture industry and has excellent administration skills that has helped the company to achieve great recognition in the competitive market. Our strategy is best prices & quality, timely shipments & fair payment terms.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us to serve you better.