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230.00 INR
100% fresh premium spice, manufactured to the export quality standards, brought to you straight form Western guts of Kerala, India. Our Cassia contains no added preservatives and other, making it healthier than ever. Cassia is an aromatic spice, similar to Cinnamon, but differing in strength and quality. Its bark is darker, thicker and coarser, and the corky outer bark is often left on. The outer surface is rough and grayish brown, the insides bark is smoother and reddish-brown. Cassia It is less costly than Cinnamon and is often sold ground as cinnamon. When buying as sticks, cinnamon rolls into a single quill while cassia is rolled from both sides toward the centre so that they end up resembling scrolls. Cassia buds resemble Cloves. They are the dried unripe fruits about 1/2 inch long and half as wide.